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Getting Started with Customer URLs

The Azure Cost Monitor Team supports customer url's. Users are able to create as many customer urls for their team as required. These customer urls are called buckets in the Azure Cost Monitor because the system can connect different information and actions with an bucket. Whenever a user visits the Azure Cost Monitor with the generated bucket url the system triggers the preferred sign-in workflow, e.g. Azure Active Directory. In addition the system applies the configured branding, so that every end user gets the same unique experience.

Adding a new bucket to the Azure Cost Monitor is that simple:

  1. Log In to the Azure Cost Monitor Dashboard and if you don’t have a team account migrate to a team:

  2. Select the “Buckets” button to open the bucket management view: 

  3. Add or remove buckets in this overview  

    Every team has a default bucket which is the same as the team id and can be used directly when no custom bucket is created.

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