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Failed to verify EA contract (Unauthorized)

The Azure Cost Monitor requires for registering of new contracts the EA number and the Azure EA security token which can be issued via the Azure EA portal. Sometimes it happens that the process is interrupted with the following error message:

Error! It's was not possible to register your enterprise agreement because of the following error: Failed to verify EA contract (Unauthorized)

This error is thrown because for one of the following three reasons:
  1. The Azure EA token is a standard JWT token and it expires every 6 month. To check if the given token is not expired just use the Google JWT token decoder. If so just generate a new token in the Azure EA portal which can be used from the Azure Cost Monitor. We are also happy to verify your token via a support call.

  2. The entered EA number does not match to the token. Just try to enter the token without an EA number. If the correct EA number will be shown the token is valid, otherwise the token is invalid and needs to be regenerated.

  3. The textbox in the Azure EA portal is very small so ensure that the whole token is copied in the clipboard and not only a smaller part of it. This happens often because the token is divided by dots into three groups so do not mark the content word by word, mark the whole textbox.
If you checked this and it's not possible to register the EA contract, we are happy to help. Just open a support ticket or use the chat system to get help instantly.

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