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What and where are data stored?

The Azure Cost Monitor is downloading every night the current usage report from Microsoft for a given enterprise agreement. This data will be transformed in a way that it can be displayed at the Azure Cost Monitor portal. Currently the following data are stored: 
  • Profile settings, e.g. e-mail for contact, registered EA contracts & Azure EA token 
  • List of available reports (one per month)
  • Usage per service and month
All data are stored in an Azure Table Store service in the West Europe zone. This means all data are physical located in the Netherlands. A second copy of the table store is replicated to the zone North Europe. This means all data are physical stored in Ireland for backup reasons. 

The used security key to access the storage account is rolled every month and will be changed immediately when ever unsuspicious activity will be detected. 

The system stores as less data as possible to give the best reports about the Azure cloud costs. This means also only single columns from the Azure cost & usage report are stored. Not needed columns for processing will be thrown away. 

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