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Getting Started with Virtual Service Meters

Cloud Solution Providers often deliver important and market-relevant solutions based on Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform to their customers. These solutions are often related to a consumption-based or tier-based pricing related to the consumed resources in the cloud services. Customers expect transparency and real-time information regarding cloud spending aggregated in a holistic solution including the value-added services provided by a Cloud Solution Provider.

Cloud Costs is happy to introduce the Virtual Service Meters functionality which is available in all regions right now. Virtual Service Meters allows managing the billing and pricing aspects of managed services delivered from Cloud Solution Providers.

The powerful and easy to use JavaScript-based logic engine allows modeling any kind of managed service. Combining Virtual Service Meters and Cloud Costs powerful REST API enables every Cloud Solution Provider to prepare a robust, transparent and consistent billing chain for cloud-based services.

Looking for more technical information? Feel free to visit our development sandbox for Virtual Service Meters with comprehensive technical documentation to integrate new meters right away.

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