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Allow Azure Costs users to login via Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Active Directory is an Identity and Access Management platform which used as a foundation for Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. Usually, users are allowed to use 3rd party applications like Azure Costs out of the box without dedicated activities from an administrator. Some organizations are implementing a higher level of security and expect administrative permission for all new 3rd party applications before users are allowed to login via their azure active directory account.

In Azure Active Directory this settings can be configured for Enterprise Application handling as shown below: 

As soon this policy is activated the end user receives the following information during the login on Azure Costs or other 3rd party applications:

Allowing users consuming Azure Costs with their existing Azure Active Directory account requires a dedicated administrative action, Microsoft calls it Admin Consent Flow. The administrative consent flow is triggerable with the following URL from every Azure Active Directory Administrator:

Should more than one Azure Active Directory be managed with the same admin account it's recommended to define the concrete tenant with the following URL scheme:{{YOUR AAD Domain}}/adminconsent?client_id=e5dd24ad-e67a-4d84-bd5f-7a60587f884f&

Customers using the Microsoft Cloud Germany should use the following URL to trigger the Admin Consent Flow:

After executing this operation a new application with the name "Azure Costs" appears in the Azure Active Directory and end-user can log into Azure Costs. 

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